HAIR HAIR HAIR- everything you need to know

I recorded a hair tutorial on my Instastories today (it's saved to my highlights if you missed it). I'm already getting a ton of questions about the products/my outfit/my makeup. I decided to throw together a blog post answering all of these questions. You should find everything you need to know here! Thanks for stopping by! xoxo


Here are all of the products that I use in the order that I use them. If you have questions about my fave shampoos + conditioners and other products that I love, read this post


I typically use a one inch curling iron (it's the black one linked below). If I want a looser wave, I'll use a 1.25 inch curling iron (it's the white one linked below). These are both amazing and pretty pricey so if you are just starting out and want a more affordable option, I linked the Conair 1 inch and 1.25 inch curling irons below. I used these for years before I finally upgraded, but they work well and will give you a great result!! Here is a hair tutorial I did when I had shorter hair and I used the Conair 1.25 inch iron.  I also linked my 2 fave blow dryers. Investing in a good blow dryer is a MUST if you want to save time and save your hair- the cheapies just won't cut it. I love these both equally!


Necklaces are from Miranda Frye. You can use code Kathleen for 10% off + free shipping! I'm wearing the Peace Charm + Mila Chain and the Hope Charm + Alex Chain. Wearing small in the pants and sweatshirt!


I linked the lipstick that I am wearing in these pics/vids- it's my all time fave and I wear it everyday (color is Salt Lyfe). I also linked some of the other makeup products that I'm wearing. If you have other questions about my fave make up products- read this post


I receive tons of questions about how I keep my hair so light- I naturally have super light hair thanks to genetics. I've never colored, highlighted, dyed, bleached, or done anything to my hair professionally or on my own. You can read more about my hair color here and see what products I use to keep it light here. DISCLAIMER: I'm not recommending that you use Sun-In to lighten your hair. This can turn your hair orange if you have brown hair or have color treated hair.  I'm just telling you what works for me :)


I go to Olivia Ashwill at the Style Salon in Broadripple next to Cake Bake. She is amazing and has been cutting my hair for about 6 years now! I typically ask for a blunt cut with a few longer, soft layers towards the bottom of my hair and a few longer, face framing layers.