My thoughts on moving to LA

Photos by the super talented Jade Sharp

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Hey guys! So I realized that since I’ve moved to LA, I haven’t really updated you all on how I like it! I’ve talked about it during a couple QA’s /here and there on Instagram, but I wanted to go a little more in depth today.

So for those of you who don’t know, Cort and I moved from Indianapolis to Los Angeles exactly 5 months ago (wow time flies) for my husband’s job.  We both were super excited about this opportunity and had always loved visiting LA. My husband was actually born out here so he’s spent his whole life visiting and kind of considered it his second home. Anyways now that it’s been 5 months, I feel like it’s starting to feel more like home and less like a vacation. We have had SO much fun but also moving brings lots of challenges.  I have lived in the same place my whole life so I’ve never experienced moving (besides college which was an hour away so it doesn’t count). This was the first time I’ve really been away away from home. So with that being said, here are the things I’ve loved about LA and some of the challenges.

LA is SUCH a fun city: There is so much to do here so it literally felt like we were on vacation the first couple months. You can go hiking, go to the beach, try so many new restaurants, there is always an event or something fun happening.  There are so many other places close to LA that you can drive to and get a completely new experience. We've been to San Diego, Palm Desert, Santa Barbara, and have MANY more on our bucket list.  I feel like every weekend is an adventure and I LOVE that. 

Pushing me out of my comfort zone: To be honest, most of my life has been pretty comfortable. I’ve always had my parents close by, I’ve had amazing best friends within minutes from me at all times, and I’ve always felt very secure and safe. Moving away kind of strips all of that away from you. Whether you’ve just moved a few hours away or across the country, I’m sure you can relate.  This has been so good for me though. It’s actually something I kind of hoped for with this move. I wanted to feel a little uncomfortable. I think when you’re out of your comfort zone, it pushes you to rely more on God, pray more, grow closer to your husband/ significant other, figure things out on your own, and make new friends.  So this has been a challenge that has come with moving, but also something I’ve LOVED.  I’ve been trying to say YES more and try lots of new things.

On a similar note…

Making new friends: Friendships have always been super easy for me. I’ve had tons of great friends my whole life, throughout college, and after college. I’ve never really felt lonely or been in a situation where I’ve been forced to make new friends.  Of course in every new stage of life, I’ve naturally made new friends, but it was never because I HAD to or because I had no one. Does that make sense? Anyways, moving out here has forced me to start over and it’s HARD. I’ve met some great girls here through church, blogging, work, and reconnecting with old high school/ college friends/acquaintances that had also moved out here.  Something I’ve learned is that friendships take time, effort, and usually don’t happen overnight. I definitely feel like I have made friends out here but it takes more than just hanging out a couple times to really feel close to them and to feel like they totally know you. All of this has been hard but so good for me and I'm learning so much!

No one in LA is from LA: One thing I have loved about moving to LA is that it’s actually WAY more rare to meet someone who was born and raised here than it is to meet someone from Indiana, Texas, Colorado, Iowa, etc. etc.. I thought I would feel like an outsider here but really, everyone is an outsider!! Haha. I went to a tumbling class to try to feel like I was a college cheerleader again ( HA, really I’m an old lady) but the instructor had us go around and say where we were from. Only ONE person was actually from California, and it wasn’t even LA. I love that LA is such a transient city because you get to hear everyone’s story about how they ended up here and connect over the funny things that happen when you move to LA. Side note, I’ve met so many people here from Indiana which makes me so happy- go Hoosiers!

The basic things: The weather here is AMAZING and the beach is gorgeous. These things are super obvious, but I felt like I had to mention them. I just feel so happy when I’m driving around (even if I’m in traffic) because it’s sunny, there’s palm trees blowing in the breeze, and you can smell the ocean. I know that’s super cheesy but it makes a huge difference and it makes me realize how much my mood is affected by the weather!

Okay guys, those are all my thoughts for now. There's probably a lot more I could say about this BUT when someone asks "How do you like LA??" these are the main things I think of. Thank you guys SO much for following along throughout this journey!  I'd love to hear your thoughts on moving because I'm sure many of you have gone through something similar!  Have a wonderful day!


Flares for Days

So excited about this post because last time I posted flare jeans you guys LOVED them! Unfortunately, they were sold out so I wanted to show you guys this pair from Magnolia that is very similar.  You can't tell from my pictures, but they are super high waisted which I love. If you haven't bought flares before, they typically run long... which is GREAT because I always wear them with heels which creates the illusion of SUPER long legs!!! I paired my flares with this white lace tank and cute sunhat to keep the boho look going. I've linked everything below and you can shop the whole look at Magnolia Boutique




Photos by the super talented Jade Sharp

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Decorative Accents with Afloral

Hey friends! Happy Humpday! Today, I'm excited to share some decorative accents from my "new" apartment. It still feels new even though we've been here for about 3 months now.  All of these pieces are from Afloral which many of you know I love (post from last year).  It's funny because I actually bought a lot of my wedding flowers and decorations from Afloral and I didn't even realize that they had home decor until about a year later.   Since my wedding,  so many of my friends have used Afloral for wedding flowers and decor. Side note- they have the best silk flowers that look SO REAL but they won't wilt throughout your wedding day (thank me later).  Enough about weddings, this post is about home decor!  It's funny how the little trinket-y objects can make such a big difference when decorating. I used these pieces to finish out my bar cart, desk, and outdoor balcony.  Also, since I can't keep plants alive no matter how hard I try, I ordered a ton of fake (but very real looking) succulents and cacti to decorate! Seriously, people will touch them and ask if they are real! Hope you enjoy these looks! ALSO- you can use code "LEMON10" for 10% off orders over $50! Happy shopping! xo

POP of red

Photos by the super talented Jade Sharp

If you haven't noticed, I've got a thing for BIG earrings! These bad boys are from Lulu's but they're currently sold out (insert crying emoji).  I've linked a bunch of similar styles below.. if you're feelin extra ;) 

This little peplum crop top is from REVOLVE and I linked it below as well. Happy Monday loves!


Lucky Brand

Sharing a few pics from a shoot I did for Lucky Brand. Outfit is linked below! Photos by the super talented Jade Sharp

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Two Feminine Summer Looks

Today I'm sharing not one, but T W O feminine dresses from Impressions.  Impressions is one of my favorite online boutiques to shop and I've been wearing their clothes for two years (this fall)!.... so yeah, you could say I'm a fan.  They carry so many cute brands and both of the dresses in today's post are from Merritt Clothing Label

I'm loving this first dress for the gorgeous floral print and fun little leg slit.  I don't typically wear strapless dresses so I like that this one is different from my typical style. This white dress is gorgeous and has a fun, low back. It's the perfect dress for brides, buttt since I'm not a bride, I kept this look playful with some bold earrings, and chunky heels. I've linked everything below AND both of these looks are on sale! Hope you loved these looks as much as I did!



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The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is now open to everyone! 

This sale is HUGE because they're marking down items that will be FULL price in the fall- unlike most sales where they mark down items that didn't sell that season. These items are selling out FAST! -don't say I didn't warn ya ;)

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Also be sure to check out my other two blog posts with my picks of clothes and beauty products from the NSale!

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